Lies … A Rapper’s Best Friend

"...Aah...the life of a gangstasexual...ain't it grand‽"

"...Aah...the life of a gangstasexual...ain't it grand‽"

What ever happened to truth and integrity in music?  Hip-Hop (…or Rap…or whatevada!flouph you want to refer to the genre…or lifestyle…or medium…ah forget it) once held honesty in such high regard that it practically could have been considered one of the supporting elements in the grand pantheon of the…er..uh..culture.  Artists could all but get away with murder, as long as they simply attributed their odes to misogyny, claustrophobic torsos, and nonsensical diatribes with their significant others, to the never ending quest to obtain the title of “The Realest !Nugh Out”, and have their legend resonate in the most remote of lands till the end of time.


So what happened? Why now all of a sudden, in an age of…uh..Rap where everyone seems to be openly supportive of everyone else’s creative and promotional licenses, are the heir apparents to the TRNO thrown, deciding to change the game?  Well, maybe they feel like they just can.

Jimmy And Camron Sittin in a V(12)In step with the return of “The Colored One” have been the discussions circulating around the reconciliation of Da Dips, mostly directed towards Cam and interim head coach, Jim “Jones!” Jones.

Short Synopsis:

Cam Comes Home!…

…Streets go crazy

Cam talks to Jimmy!…

…wait…Jimmy Doesn’t Talk to Cam?…

…because Cam doesnt even know Jimmy?…

but Jimmy know’s money

and Jimmy’s a Liar.

…but apparently he was just havin a fit…the thespian in him.

To Be or Not to Be...Jones!

Jim Jones Album, Pray 4 Reighn is in stores March 24th…which is….today‽…wait a second…I think we’ve been son doola’d!

Regardless of the clear disrespect shown towards the intelligence of the buying public, I’m happy that there is some headway being made.  These two should be able to get back on track towards the light that is the coveted TRNO headband.

They should have just taken cues from the current H.TRNO.I.C. :

(*wipes tears of amazement*)…its……magnificent. He makes it look so easy…he makes it look like art. We are witnessing greatness here people. Take notes for your grandkids.


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