The Shooter’s Back {*insert trumpets here*}

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Ray Allen is one of my favorite basketball players of all time.  Shit..he is probably my favorite player ever.   He Got Game placed him into that area of Americana where sports and entertainment make up handshakes and smoke stogies and shoot the shits.  The streets love Ray.  The streets, however, can’t let that shit go.

Last year during the second round against the Broniers [pron.- Brahn- ee – yairs], I watched Ray Allen die.  He was off. He looked slow. And we were in another game 7.  Game 7’s, as exciting as they are for the sport, are nightmares for folks like me.  Home court advantage is going to play it’s part, as it always done.  Who cares though?  A team has a bad game and it’s a wrap. A player has a bad game and it’s a wrap.  I don’t like underdogs. I don’t like failed expectations.  I like when the story goes the way it’s supposed to.  Heroes should always remain heroes. Fuck that tragedy shit.  This ain’t a movie.  This is not that overlap of  Sports and Entertainment. This is Sport. This sport is basketball, and basketball takes work.

If Ray Allen has a bad game Sunday Night, in what will be the 4th Game 7 these Celtics will have played in their last 6 playoff series, the season will be over.  Lebron will most likely end up giving the “entertained” the ending that they were looking for when he does his Juggernaut impression for the rest of the playoffs, and the Celtics could look towards starting off next season 36-1 when they get Kev’nett n’em back in form.

But Fuck That. That’s a movie.  I’m in it for the sport.  I’m for the work.  I’m for Ray Allen being Ray Allen for game 7 and hoping that I don’t have to yell “JESUS”, when he hits his 6th three of the night.  Calling this man out of his name is a slap in the face to the dedication he has given to the art since he could hold a basketball.  I saw Ray Allen die last year and come back equipped with an adamantium-hinged wrist and a bionic eye.   I saw him die again two nights ago.

Would it be sacrilegiously corny to say that Sunday will be the third day and Jesus shall rise?  It would? Good…because I’m not going to.  That would mean that I would be relying on Jesus Shuttlesworth to carry the Celtics into the Eastern Conference Finals like he led the Railsplitters to the City ‘Chip.  It’s not happening. Why? Because shooter’s shoot, the best team always wins, and Jesus ain’t got shit on Ray Allen.


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