!Flouph Yo’ Muh!Flouphin Picnic

The Stage

It’s wild. It’s wild to think that until this year, the kid has had yet to attend the Late Summer Classic known to many a tortured ear as Hot97’s Summer Jam.  Even wilder is the fact that I could probably recount 75-80% of the acts by year…in descending order.  Well, I guess that’s not such a daunting task, come to think of it, considering that it’d probably be just 10 acts….and 3 of them would be be D-Block.

But even so, the moment was still type exciting. I mean every city has a “Summer Jam”, but {insert city name here}’s Summer Jam could never even muster up the gumption to ask to carry the weed thru customs for the New York Summer Jam, an arena-sized pit of playlist-laced mediocrity, where the event itself always…excuse me…ALWAYS outdoes the show.

I woke up exhausted Sunday morning.  I also woke up content.  For about five days prior, I had been fighting bouts of denial, most of which developed from the, all too obvious signs pointing to definite more than likely Drake, Hov, and Cam shutdown moments that were bound to happen given the prior week’s “occurences”. But the Roots Picnic that I attended the nightday …previous 24-hour period did more than quench my thirst for open-air sonics, but it also helped place me in that snooty, holier than though, elitist mental space that a music snob needs to get over the fact that they {still} are not cool enough to always be on the comp list.

However, by a whim of fate, and some damn good timing, the kid found himself on the way to Giants Stadium to catch the live incantation of my morning….and evening…commutes.

So, with my Dillinger in tow and a variety pack of Holland’s finest {though we took the Lincoln…*rimshot*}, I tried to do my best job of not getting too riled up.  I knew it was gonna be a scene.  I was just hoping it was more I Am Legend Day Scene and less 28 Days Later Field Scene.

The Snapple cost $5.25 and I couldn't keep the cap.  I spilled half of it as soon as I got back to my seat.

The Snapple cost $5.25 and I couldn't keep the cap. I spilled half of it as soon as I got back to my seat.



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