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“When The East Is In The House…”

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Rasheed Wallace will be wearing #30 come Halloween. Same number that once claimed (or at the least bit pre-assigned) by Len Bias and Sebastian Telfair. The continuance of the #30 to remain in the protection and sanctity of one of the current StreetTaleBall Legends will undoubtedly remain the key reason that this year will be my favorite year of the NBA, from today until the day my reasoning and values are tainted and corrupted by money or Alzheimer’s.

I bet there are like … a hundred #30’s all over the galaxy in different parallels, left to protect the essence of the game that belongs to fallen heroes. Like some Green Lantern shit. The essence that belongs to the hood kid that went for the cash with only the cash on his mind. The shit talkin’ old head. Crazy Rasheed is a old head…but dope, right?


Real !Nughs Work On Holidays.

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{“Louder Than  Bomb” – Dir: Brett Ratner….yes, THAT Brett Ratner}

My fireworks come with choreographed, side-stepping, uniform-clad, thoroughly disciplined, foot soldiers.

Bombs Bursting in Eardrums.

This is dedicated to all the showman.

Those who spend their three day weekends punishing stadium sound systems.

Trading in that greasy turkey burger for a sweaty, semi-functioning mic.

Making arena speakers wish they were clock radio speakers.

And turning a day off …….. into a holiday.

We salute you …. we salute you and your black and white performance videos.

Enjoy your weekend peoples.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

{“Spaz” – Dir: Robert Hales}

{“Get At Me Dog” – Dir: Hype Williams}

{“Burn” – Dir: Diane Martel}

Hate To Say “I Told Ya So”, but… Drake – “Best I Ever Had” {Dir: Kanye West}

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Now I promise I will lay off the Drake and Kanye posts. Shit, I promise I will post more period. But I just wanted to take this moment to let you know how displaced my mood was after I watched this video. I think Kanye is going for this whole Jonzesque episode of boyish, tongue in cheek humour… which is cool …trust.

Unfortunately though, for both Drake and the buying listening experiencing public, I think the non-eventiness {my word, don’t bite..or matter of fact…go head and bite} of the piece, which I know was totally calculated, really does a disservice to what WAS one of the biggest breakthrough singles to hit mainstream Hip-Hop in years. Kanye gonna say it was purposefully crass. He’s gonna say its sensibility is what makes it “art”.  He’s probably gonna say it in all lowercase {because he’ll be on some new shit}, and the trendhounds will probably eat it up.  But it’s going to be hard to get over on people on their fifth and fifteenth and fiftieth viewings. Yeah, you’re thinking bout it now, right? Not poppin, huh?

All that said, I liked the opening. The slowmo entrance was very Spike/Hype (c) ’94, and those dudes and that year get me every time.  And I’m a heterosexual male.  And it was filmed around the corner from my crib.  And I’m a heterosexual male.  And uhh, I like the lighting.  So it gets a pass… A 5 minute “go to talk to the principal out in the hallway” pass.  So [Yung] money better start getting his “stadium status” on quickfast.

Oh yeah… I told you so.

Shouts to those demons in the NMC for the …everything…those guys are good. Real good.

And just in case you are too cool to click the link to see what I was referring to as far as that opening is concerned, here is the G.O.A.T. slow mo intro to a breakthrough single.