Real !Nughs Work On Holidays.

{“Louder Than  Bomb” – Dir: Brett Ratner….yes, THAT Brett Ratner}

My fireworks come with choreographed, side-stepping, uniform-clad, thoroughly disciplined, foot soldiers.

Bombs Bursting in Eardrums.

This is dedicated to all the showman.

Those who spend their three day weekends punishing stadium sound systems.

Trading in that greasy turkey burger for a sweaty, semi-functioning mic.

Making arena speakers wish they were clock radio speakers.

And turning a day off …….. into a holiday.

We salute you …. we salute you and your black and white performance videos.

Enjoy your weekend peoples.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

{“Spaz” – Dir: Robert Hales}

{“Get At Me Dog” – Dir: Hype Williams}

{“Burn” – Dir: Diane Martel}


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