“When The East Is In The House…”

Rasheed Wallace will be wearing #30 come Halloween. Same number that once claimed (or at the least bit pre-assigned) by Len Bias and Sebastian Telfair. The continuance of the #30 to remain in the protection and sanctity of one of the current StreetTaleBall Legends will undoubtedly remain the key reason that this year will be my favorite year of the NBA, from today until the day my reasoning and values are tainted and corrupted by money or Alzheimer’s.

I bet there are like … a hundred #30’s all over the galaxy in different parallels, left to protect the essence of the game that belongs to fallen heroes. Like some Green Lantern shit. The essence that belongs to the hood kid that went for the cash with only the cash on his mind. The shit talkin’ old head. Crazy Rasheed is a old head…but dope, right?


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