“Guess Who’s The Black Trump” – Raekwon feat. Ghostface and Cappadonna – “10 Bricks” {Prod. by J. Dilla}

Rae n Ghost

I see your Drake, and raise you a ‘Donna…

Isn’t this how it’s supposed to be?  Your favorite rappers leaking {or not leaking..yeahaight} their joints tit for tat.

Is it me, or is Rae turning into the innanets rap bully all of a sudden?  First he was spotrushin’ dudes on they Ustream, now he straight hypeswiped Jay by feeding us with this madness from my favorite Wu trio.  I love it.

And say what you will about Cappa, but The Pillage still gets mucho burn round these parts.

Sidenote: I think we should hereby denote all Dilla beats to the Wu.  Let’s decide on this peacebly before Rae just strongarms them.

Only Built For Cuban Linx II in stores a couple days before Blueprint 3.  Buy it, or Raekwon will come to your crib…thru your broadband connection.

Raekwon feat. Ghostface and Cappadona – 10 Bricks {Prod. by J. Dilla}

one love to OnSmash for the Big Joker


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