“Sit Back And Watch The Traffic Move” – Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That” {Prod. by Timbaland}


I have decided to start posting more music through these here parts.  For street cred. I’ve listened to this seven times, and I am still waiting for Drake’s verse.  You mean to tell me you couldn’t have just had Bleek on this hook. Really?

Timbo has been fien’n for a Hov’over for a couple of bullets now, so it is a refreshing return to the spacepop of yore.  I gotta be honest though, and say that I haven’t really been feeling much of the literal play on “Young Hova” that Shawn Corey has been presenting lately.  It’s like BP3 is setting up to be a “Take Your Rapper To Work” album.

I must say though, especially after going to the NeverLeaveBrooklyn party a couple of nights ago and sneaking into this little treble n bass shindigahoo that was happening next door and zoning to some next shit with 3 shots of Patron Cafe and some of Mother Earth’s best in my system, that I am kind of excited at the fact that within two weeks {internets time} Myrtle Avenue will be swathed with a layer of easy listening with every ’96 Integra that passes by.

Dear Indian Summer, you know I’m gonna miss you.

Jay-Z feat. Drake – “Off That” {prod. by Timbaland}


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