Testing Is For Lames…

Gang Starr - Daily Operation Some things just sit with you.  They sit, and they linger, and they dwell, and they fester, and they take showers, and have families, and get into nasty fights with the neighbors, and re-do the kitchen, and switch bodegas,  and become reference points and benchmarks and theoretical ideals for shit that has nothing to do with what they actually are …nor were ever intended to be.

Now its ingrained in your psyche.  Its processed into your culture…and all of a sudden, you gotta respect it.

And it doesn’t take much.  No math.  No science.  You just get caught sleeping.  At one point in its seemingly meaningless existence, you allow the ash from your teetering blunt to overstay its welcome just long enough to fall on a small—yet prominent— corner of your galaxy.

Now you have to change….damn.

But just as your focus turns towards your saran-wrapped stash of wholesale conformity… it happens.  The zen moment.  That’s when you realize that, as much as you can appreciate the ease and lack of thought required to still stay relevant with the current sensibilities of society, you no longer have to compromise with aesthetics when considering practicality and function as clear priorities. Plus…after a good run…you just think shit got old.

Now anyone who understands the strength of street knowledge can and will understand the swear jar of intention that will be this blog.  By no means am I an expert on anything.  I actually think this will be as consistently inconsistent as the bottom drawer of the dresser. Think 4 parts life, 5 parts history, 6 parts influence, 2 parts inspiration, 3 1/2 parts sweet vermouth, and 1 part that water from Tuck Everlasting.  Chilled. Straight. In a tumbler.  You know…the classics.  That old guy shit.  That shit you order from the fine bartender so she consciously shows you a little more respect than the E&J’rs.  That shit that’s gonna still work either way…today, tomorrow, or next tomorrow.

…shit… I don’t know what I’m talking about…

…but when in doubt, I’m siding with the classics…all day.

Gangstarr – 24-7, 365


3 Responses to “Testing Is For Lames…”

  1. i must be smokin what you smokin, cuz i’m there

  2. A little ash on your Galaxy helps to kill the white tee

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