“ThisThingBluDoesIsActuallyGettingTolerable” – Blu and The Godlee Barnes LP

I resent a couple things about myself.  Aside from my inability to truly revel in the nostalgia associated with 70’s and 80’s soul samples {my mom, for whatever reason, was heavy into Olivia Newton John when we first arrived in the states…..or at least that’s all that my brain and the contents of my pops’ old trunk will tell me} my only other regret lies in the predisposed auditory bias when it comes to the …..how you say…West Coast Rap Offerings.  Basically, it’s not my fault that I don’t really !flouph with a lot of those people or their so-so raps.  I attribute my disenchantment towards the West directly to my phobia of ‘Regular Rapper’ rap–the genre most prominent on corners along Broadway {any Broadway} and usually accompanied by a line of questioning that usually begins with the ritualistic opener, “Excuse me…You listen to Hip-Hop music, fam?”  I already am averse to East Coast so-so raps, so unfortunately, by not being burdened by the possibility of encountering West coast so-so rappers in my day to day, I have at the same time alienated my frame of reference from some really great shit.

The “Holiday Weekend Mixtape Release” thing that these rap guys have been showing their affection to as of late, is cool.  The “Holiday Weekend Mixtape Release Pumpfake”, however, is a serious detriment to the innanets ecosystem.  At this point, I think Jay Electronica and Just Blaze’s Unicorn Opus, Act II might just drop on February 29th for all I know.  It’s not so much the unmet promises or the label-less delays that really ruffled my swagscarf.  I’m dissapointed that the  collective, for whatever reason, did not use an opportunity to grab its legions by their protruding corneas and have them place a branding iron on their foreheads Aldo Raine style and pledge their allegiance by spending the 13-day weekend beating off to {insert whatever was supposed to be the supreme banger on Act II here}.

But I digress….

Blu is one of the nicest rap guys I have heard in a while. He is probably one of the only West Coast dudes that I wholeheartedly enjoy everytime out.  I still think the J&J album was one of the first times in like 10 years that I actually really was aggravated by an emcees superior skill set.  It’s like Blu is TOO nice for his own fan base.  You know how I know?  … Because when he decided to realease his newest oldest project theGodleeBarnes(lp) as a no tracklisthavin, uncut,  single mp3, I got extremely resentful when I came to the realization that I was going to be spending my weekend listening to an hour long, notacklisthavin, uncut, unmastered, single mp3……….because I knew it would be dope.

And after a weekend straight of Calified soul and this twit-rant turned tracklisting, the one long mps3 thing is actually refreshing….it’s like a real “MixTAPE” …but in mp3…..


…well at least it wasn’t lost in the land of make believe and actually came out….

I would have streamed the whole damn thing, but why would I do that to myself?….

Blu – theGODleeBarnes(Lp) Originally snatched from the Nahnce {<—- that was a good one huh?…get it? West Coast…Nonce?…Nahnce?….man whatever..}

And here’s a brief Azulito interview discussing the moniker and things of that nature…


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